Analog and Mixed-Signal Design

VivEng, Inc. is an analog mixed-signal and system-on-chip (SoC) design service company designing and offering state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and IP blocks to customers worldwide. Founded in 2009 and located in San Jose, CA, VivEng specializes in development of ultra-low-power design and power control, high-voltage analog design, power management (PMUs, battery chargers, switches and regulators), data acquisition and conversion, ultrasound sensors, and specialized IO libraries.

  • Semiconductor IP block design and development

    VivEng offers analog circuits to be used as IP blocks, with an emphasis on low-power compact designs. We also offer testing and characterization support for IP blocks in your complete system. Examples: analog IP for TSMC 90 nm process; custom IO and ESD library.

  • SoC and ASIC Design

    We develop custom analog and mixed-signal ICs with on-chip signal conditioning circuits, A/D and D/A converters, digital signal processing, power drivers, clock recovery and conditioning, clock distribution, adaptive supply control, and more. Example: VE1210, VE1212, VE1214 family of sonar ICs.

  • Concept development and evaluation

    We offer concept development, evaluation, and analysis covering a wide range of physical systems (mechanical, fluidic, electromagnetic, electrochemical, etc.) especially as they apply to sensor systems for industrial, medical, and automotive markets. Examples: Analysis of magnetometer-based distance measurement; EDAMAME 3D modeling tool

  • System-level and PCB Design

    We offer system-level design from the PC-board level to complex multi-board systems, including microcontroller- and FPGA-based systems. Examples: Evaluation board for VE121x IC family; Solar plant monitoring module.

Latest news

Support for modern SoC design

We provide design services and support at any stage of development of custom and application specific integrated circuits from concept to evaluation and characterization.

We are working with any industry mainstream design tools adopted by our customers and also offer budget option by using an in-house low cost custom IC design flow.

We offer off-the-shelf silicon-proven analog IP, porting the IP to desired process, as well as development of custom IP. Our portfolio covers power management, clock generation, temperature, light, and other types of sensing, A-to-D and D-to-A conversion, IO, and more. Our power management approach supports on-chip linear and switched L/C voltage regulation, plus power-saving schemes with multiple supply islands, making it well suited to mobile battery-powered applications.

We anticipate a continued proliferation of system-on-chip designs involving sensors and actuators and other analog interfaces, in some cases combined with one or more processor cores, memory, and wired or wireless interfaces. To address the need for analog blocks in such systems, we have expertise and a portfolio of analog blocks for advanced process nodes.